(Hebrew: desert)

Name of several people mentioned in the Bible.

  • Descendant of Juda (1 Paralipomenon 4)
  • Simon, surnamed Thasi, brother of Judas Machabeus (1 Machabees 2)
  • Simon of the tribe of Benjamin; governor of the Temple (2 Machabees 3)
  • Simon who is called Peter, the Apostle (Matthew 4)
  • Simon the Cananean, the Apostle (Matthew 10)
  • one of the relatives of Our Lord, identified erroneously with the preceding (Matthew 13)
  • Simon the leper, a resident of Bethany (Matthew 26)
  • a Pharisee at whose house the penitent woman washed the feet of Jesus (Luke 7)
  • Simon the Cyrenean, who helped Our Lord carry the Cross (Matthew 27)
  • the father of Judas (John 6)
  • Simon Magus, a magician in the time of the Apostles (Acts 8 )
  • Simon the tanner, a Christian of Joppe, in whose house Peter had the vision commanding him to receive the Gentiles into the faith (Acts 10)
  • Simon called Niger, a Christian living at Antioch in the time of the Apostles (Acts 13)
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