A small congress lasting a week, and devoted to some special branch of learning. It differs from a congress in that it is addressed to students rather than to experts, its object being not so much to publish new discoveries as to stimulate interest, to indicate lines of work, and to promote intercourse between learners and those capable of instructing them. In some respects, it partakes of the nature of a summer-school or institute. The Catholics of France, assisted by M. Henri Lorin, organized a “semaine sociale,” devoted to the study of sociology from a Catholic standpoint. It brought together a great many priests and lay-people, and the idea was imitated in Spain and Italy, and meetings were sometimes held in London. In 1911, a “semaine rurale” was organized at Lyons, a “semaine d’apologetique populaire” at Lille, and, in 1912 a “semaine d’ ethnologie religieuse” at Louvain.

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